Blog action for clean water

October 15th, 2010

Hi everyone!
Today is the international blog action day. This year’s campaign is about the water!

The truth is that there are places on earth that lack clean water for years. I believe that the people who live there know how to appreciate this resource. As for the rest of us – very few takes in mind saving water.

I had personal experiences with lack of water in the mountains, that made me appreciate it, and realize how scary it is not to have any.

It may finish one day. And that will be the end of humans if we don’t do anything about it.

Many people are expecting the end of earth by floods, earthquakes, global warming, global cold, meteorites… but maybe the end will come from lack of clean water.

There are places on earth where people are already understanding that – suffering and dying.

Blog action day 2010 is about that – what we can do?

You can register your own blog here:

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