Take action!

October 15th, 2009

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Climate change

October 15th, 2009

I have heard from many of my friends that all the fuss around the climate change is made up from scientists.

What I think is that the inexistence of the problem is made up by companies who want to make money out of their products, that endanger the climate.

If you think more carefully – why would the scientists lie about it? What would they gain? And yet – the producers and traders will gain a lot if they continue what they are doing.

Don’t we all see that climate changes are already happening? Don’t we all see the abnormalities in the weather.

I know that we need all the stuff that we use – gas for transport, electricity, food from  large artificial farms and so on – I know we are not going back to living in caves in harmony with the nature.

But I also know that we can find ways not to harm the little that is left, to make all that we need in a more painless way. If we can invent all that we have invented, if we can reach the progress that we have reached – then we can find ways to keep the world around us.

It all should start in people minds. We should realize the danger and start thinking that we should prevent it, that WE should do something.

Blog action day initiative is about this – helping people to start thinking in this way, an hopefully – strat acting!

Go to the Blog action day page, then if you don’t have blog click on the “Take action” button and put your name amongst the people that care!

Well, I guess if don’t hurry –  2012 will come eventually ;)